The rise of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phones are contributed to boost the industry of designated driving service through the use of internet plus. Therefore , at Rvakva, we develop our designated driving app based on internet plus and the mobile platform in order to give a high quality service to our clients.

The company's #1 Largest Designated Driver Service
Services Offered:

  • Travel

  • Drinking

  • Going and coming
    back to work

  • Business affairs

  • Maintenance

  • Drinking

More services available for you !
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Hiring a new designated driver has never been easier at all ! But with our Rvakva designated driving app , things has become more simple and enjoyable for user.

With Rvakva app , Now,user can:

Make easy and quick reservation

Schedule a pickup using the GPS from a smart phone

Track your driver and your automobile at all times

Use one -touch pickup to call your driver - no waiting!

Live Chat with customer service( company)

Does the traditional designated driving service need to be upgraded ?