About Us

Sichuan Rvakva Technology co. ,Ltd ( Rvakva )is a high-tech software development company headquartered in China.The company was established in 2015.Rvakva is devoted to the development of internet life services,travel service software products,and providing solutions for the industry of high – tech enterprises.In Rvakva,our team members is about more than 100 employees. Among them,the proportion of technical personnel such as:software developers,engineers,and scientists with expertise in different technical domains;accounts for 70%.

Since"internet +"has become a new effective and efficient model of enterprise growth form,Rvakva constantly innovates products, services,business model to create innovative internet business model,new enterprise business strategy,digital marketing and information guidance for customers.Over 6 years of experiences of internet core technology,we've built a company uniquely equipped to offer to entrepreneurs and enterprises adequate and perfect software quality products.

At Rvakva,we currently launched a wide range of products:Designated Driving service application,Taxi service application,Errand service application,Car Rental application,Intercity Line service application ( auto-transport ),Freight Service application,the development of upstream and downstream software and hardware service,also other internet software services.

Since its establishment,Rvakva has obtained a number of independent intellectual property rights and has successfully served many companies such as:“Rizhao sanyun Holding,UU travel,Tengfei Auto,China Southern Airlines,Australia TuAo Taxi Company,Changchun S.A driving service,Beijing Jiu Jiu car service,Canada Daoway Technology” and more than 3000 Companies.Indeed,its high-quality technical support and its special after-sales service won the unanimous praises of customers.