build online booking taxi app

Powerful online booking Taxi application

       Rvakva Taxi software is an independent research and development technology designated to change the traditional taxi companies mode and to boost the emergence of the “online booking taxi” companies.

       The Rvakva taxi app software requires the drivers to have a smartphone,
and users must have access to either a smartphone or the mobile website.
For the best use of Rvakva “online booking taxi” service application for both
companies and users, we offer a set of tools such us , mobile website and PC
backstage operating system.

       In fact , Through the LBS+ big data framework, we can control the car
management system , control the financial settlement , have an online payment,
etc. However , with our powerful backstage management configuration mode
elaborated, we can overcome many shortcomings occurred in the operation
process of the online booking Taxi platform, and also form a more efficient,
more convenient , more flexible online booking car operation platform for
special car management.

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The Traditional Taxi Transformation Tools

Rapid development of the online booking Taxi service

With the use of mobile Internet technology, we are able to achieve
business operational transformation

With Rvakva taxi application, we provide a complete set of solutions from
the APP to the backstage operation system in order to help the successful
transformation of enterprises

The Emerging Online Booking Car

Online to Offline business operation scheme

Operating platform

Help enterprises to seize the online booking car industry

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Today,with the biggest challenges that face most business enterprises,
Rvakva,one best solution.
Nowdays Rvakva Taxi service are able to meet a variety of travel
environment condition.

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  • Ordinary vehicle

  • Official vehicle

  • Commercial vehicle

  • Travel chartered

  • Shuttle car

  • Whole day / Half day rental car

  • Pregnant women car

  • Wedding ceremony car

Reliable security

Rvakva software uses the world's leading provider of information
security solution - Symantec
Using cloud server
Coordinate with CDN acceleration service
Millisecond response
Support millions of users online at the same time
Only to create high quality, easy and smooth user experience

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Our work

We do not do direct business.But just focus on software research and development.
We also provide products with unlimited upgrades and maintenance.

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